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released November 1, 2008


Andrew Keese: Lyrics & Music, Guitar, Piano, Rhodes, Hammond B3

Phil Smith Major: Bass and Backing Vocals
Andrew Cowie: Drums
Sunny Leunig: Guitars

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Tony Cohen.

Additional Engineering by Dave McCluney.

Mastered by John Ruberto at Crystal Mastering.




all rights reserved


Andrew Keese & The Associates Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Keese is an Australian singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and self-described purveyor of literate, intelligent and poignant pop/rock music. The Associates are a constantly evolving line-up of musicians.

He has recorded two albums with The Associates (Desire and The Inheritance) and recorded and produced a solo instrumental album under his own name (Infinite Possible Shapes).
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Track Name: Little Possessions
Give up your little possessions
These friends you are collecting
Never made that offering

Give up your little obsessions
I can see it in your eyes
Love is not the prize you seek

Only little possessions …

Now you’re seen in all the right places
Always notice names
Never notice faces

And every word is an association
With people you could never be
People aren’t the things you need

Only little possessions …

You know people of importance
You talk of important matters
But you can’t see the damage
Your dark carriage scatters

Like stuck inside an age sixteen
With nails so sharp and mouth obscene
And various coloured ink confessions
That only serve to draw attention

To your little possessions …
Track Name: Transmission
The preacher on the corner
Shouts “Get right with your Lord!”
Korean kids drink Coca Cola
And practise being bored

Now the static fills the air
And the signals hard and mean
Create a white noise in your head

And the factory boils and steams
Burns holes that no one sees
In the fabric of the air

And the panic starts to build
Like a nightmare that’s been distilled
Into a liquid bright and clear

And I hear, yes I hear …
The transmission

A wrecked Mercedes on the street
That’s long been empty
But the windows show the heat
Of something alive inside

And a voice is calling out
As if from a foreign beach
You can’t make out what they say

And the clock is ticking now
On the promise of your youth
And what happened to all those days

And the panic starts to rise
Like a phoenix from the fires
Of a million burning TVs

And I see, yes I see …
The Transmission

Is this the judgment come at last?
Straight to the head from the heart
Like Cupid’s arrow gone astray
Transmission received with no delay …
Track Name: Blessed Are The Meek
Lovers in the dark
Have no need to impress
Birds sing for themselves
Sometimes for me and you I guess

And a whispering breeze
Cuts through the trees
Carries on its wings
A silent symphony

I’m tired of the talk in this town
That loud but hollow sound
They think it’s a clarion call
But it’s only semaphore

Blessed are the meek, baby …

I have heard too many words
From too many men
To believe what they say
To put my faith in them

See them standing in line
Something wicked in their eyes
Vain displays of strength
And all their useless pride

They trample down the bright
They raise up high the dull
They wrap themselves in silk
To hide their vacant souls

Blessed are the meek, baby …

These little men who walk so tall
They cannot see at all
They think the world they’re due

Though they cannot stand on their own
In company they turn to stone
Return to childish ways

And you can’t trace this fine deceit
Written in invisible ink
And paid in the wages of sin

Lovers in the dark
Have no need to impress
Birds sing for themselves
Sometimes for me and you I guess

And a whispering breeze
Cuts through the trees
Carries on its wings
A silent symphony
Track Name: The Shadows
Fade in on this intimate scene
And hear the conversations within
Listen now to the whispers and sounds
That you were never meant to hear
Pretty soon you’ll realise
Even silence distorts and bends

Here come the shadows again …

Lover why don’t you look at me
The way you used to do
Is it because I’m older now
Or have you found someone new
And don’t think that I can’t taste
Exactly where you’ve been

Here come the shadows again …

Some men they think they’ve got it made
When all the own is on display
But their hearts quickly turn cold
And all the while the shadows grow

Without love there is no home
Just a field with nothing sown
No matter how much dirt you throw
There are some sins you cannot bury alone

So you know how the story goes
You know how it all ends
But sometimes there’s a twist in the tale
And that’s how the trouble begins
It’s never what is said
It’s all that’s hidden within

Here come the shadows again ...